Helping someone make a positive change in their life is hugely rewarding.  And I really mean that.  It’s not just words to draw you in.

It’s why I thrive when I work with small teams and individuals.  I like the personal contact and the opportunity to make a genuine difference.

In the drop-down menu above, you’ll see what people I’ve worked with say about what we’ve achieved together.  I hope their words show you what CV Therapy could do for you.

Here’s a snippet:
I am living proof that Louise’s guidance and advice can allow you to overcome your self-created doubts and allow you to make the absolute best of your personal and working life.  The confidence I now have to do what I want with my career is beyond measure. (Peter)

If you’re not sure where you’re going with your career and want some clarity, I’d highly recommend getting in touch with Louise to help you move your career forward. (Meriel)