Whether it’s your job, your career path or your life that you want to change, the starting point is a conversation.  That way, we can work out what you need and how I can help.

Changing Job
CV writing can be liberating.  It’s the key to changing your job and moving your career (and your life) forward.  It’s also about taking stock of where you are, how far you’ve come and where you want to go.

I’m not a ‘Master Resume Writer’ or ‘Career Strategist’.  I won’t research and write your CV for you.  I won’t make it beat a recruiter’s ATS software.  There are other people who can do that.

What I will do is help you create a CV that will open new doors for you and, if you wish, be there for all the steps along the way to your new role.

Career Development
Moving your career forward is not always about changing your job.  Maybe you are looking for a promotion or a new challenge?  Maybe you would like to work fewer hours or have more flexibility?  Perhaps you need help with your performance review or how to talk to your manager?

I can help with all of these.  Together, we will review the situation and identify solutions.  We’ll work on the proposal or paperwork you need and build your confidence so you feel ready to move forward.

Changing Career
Whether you are looking to set up your own business, change direction or re-train, you’ll need someone in your corner who can help with everything from the big idea to operational details.

I’ve helped clients like Anna Lewis and Peter Cavallo change their lives and realise their dreams.  It’s thrilling and scary to leave a full-time job and go out on your own, but with the right support and guidance, the sky is literally the limit.  See how it worked for Anna and Peter here.

Sessions start from £55 for an hour.  As a guide, most CVs require 2 – 3 hours to review, edit and finalise.  After an introductory chat, conversations about career development or change will be tailored to your situation and to your budget.

Sessions can take place in person, by phone or online to suit your timetable and location.

Why not get in touch for an introductory chat and see where a session of CV Therapy can take you?

Email louise@cvtherapy.co.uk
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