Anna,  Anna Lewis Yoga
I was incredibly fortunate that Louise started consulting at an organisation I was already working with when we first met.  As chance would have it, Louise became a coach to both my team and me personally at an important and transformative time in my career.  Louise is very talented at what she does, she is incredibly organised and exceptional at moving a project from conception to delivery.  She has excellent people skills and is very talented at working with different personalities; she shifted our team from being a group of people not working well together to a high functioning team with great communication and effectiveness.

On a personal level, I had been unhappy in my career for some time and as we worked together, Louise started to coach me on taking the leap from being employed in a corporate world to setting up my own business.  She coached me through my mindset work as well as the planning and helped the whole process become much smoother both emotionally and logistically.  She is brilliant at copywriting and getting ideas down on text – she even helped me write the copy for my website.

Four years into running my own business and I am still incredibly grateful for the coaching I had with Louise.  Without question she has been a rock in helping me transform my life both professionally and personally.

Liz,  Live Event Producer
I worked with Louise on my career transition from an in-house role of 10 years to being freelance.  I knew I wanted to leave, for new challenges and more flexibility, but it was difficult to actually make the jump.

Louise was both supportive and practical, which was what I needed. I had to feel confident it would work. We talked through the pros and cons and in the end, I felt confident enough to make the decision and resign.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend CV Therapy to anyone thinking about changing jobs or even switching careers.  It’s more than a CV prep service.  It’s helped me change my life and take on exciting new projects, including working on the Olympics in Brazil.

Peter,  Classic American Cars
Louise and I discussed, over a period of about two years, a radical working life change for me.  I was stuck in a job that for years was giving me severe anxiety and causing me a fair amount of health issues. I was well paid and well respected at the company but I was severely unhappy and unfulfilled. I needed to change but was paralysed with fear and anxiety about making that change and leaving the relative financial comfort of my current position.

In about 10 meetings over the two-year period, Louise would carefully lay out the reasons why it would be advantageous for me to make a giant change in my working life.  I had wanted for years to start my own business but it required a huge leap of faith that I was not, on my own, able to make.  I hated what I was doing but couldn’t make the change.  Louise’s patience and ability to guide my thoughts towards my eventual goal were limitless.

I needed to quit my well paying job and jump into the unknown.

Louise carefully and very skilfully went over (and over, and over…I am a slow learner) the plan for me to do what I wanted to do, and how to go about it in a rational and as safe as possible manner.  She was eventually able to make me feel at ease with the decision I had wanted to make for a decade.

After I could not argue with her well laid out and expertly explained methodology anymore, I made the move.  I gave notice at work and set about planning for my future business.  I started slowly and the first year pulled a nice profit that was equal to my previous jobs salary and was beyond excited with my success.

To put it very plainly, my whole life I had a goal to start a business all by myself and earn a specific salary from it.  In my first full year of trade I had achieved that and was deliriously happy.

I can easily say I could never have made the transition from working for someone else to working for myself without the sage advice and guidance given by Louise.

I am living proof that her guidance and advice can allow you to overcome your self-created doubts and allow you to make the absolute best of your personal and working life.  The confidence I now have to do what I want with my career is beyond measure.